Bridgerton Cocktail, Paint & Trivia

Bridgerton Cocktail, Paint & Trivia - New Date / May 15 @ 6 PM EST

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Romance is upon us with the new Netflix tv show, Bridgerton. Let's bring romance and fun to our homes with the Bridgerton Cocktail, Paint, and Trivia Night.

Join us in creating 2 Bridgeton-inspired cocktails. After we make amazing cocktails, we learn to paint as they did in the 1800s. The painting will be soft Bridgerton pastel colors, and of course, flowers, as we discuss the latest events taking place in our favorite television show. Last, we have a trivia contest to determine who's the biggest fan.

Come alone or bring a friend to join in the event and discussion.


Your event ticket includes the paint kit does not include a paint kit.



The cocktail ingredients list will be emailed to you in event confirmation.