The Cadre Kickstarter is LIVE

We have officially launched on Kickstarter.

Cadre was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Led by a team of dynamic individuals connected creatively with a common love for food, music, events, and creating experiences. 

Cadre Kickstarter

As more people opt to stay in or limit going outside, there is just so much banana bread you can make before that gets very boring. Cadre introduces you to a way to continue having amazing experiences, virtually.

Under one roof at you can Live More Life, Virtually with friends, family or solo. The classes and events are interactive. Be open to trying something new or improving an existing skill or interest. We give you the tools you set the table.

You are sure to find something to delight in with our range of categories hosted by our accredited chefs, partners & creators.


Cooking class with accredited Chefs, learning everything from Pasta Making, Gastronomy, French Fine Dining, Baking, Cannacuisine, Everyday Food Trends, Mixology, Wine Tastings, Sip & Paint classes and much more.


Music events from LIVE concerts, private concerts, listening parties, album launches, and music classes.


Health, Beauty, and Fitness. Our lifestyle category is inclusive of all things health and wellness, beauty tutorials, classes, and information as well as Fitness, Yoga, & Dance classes and events.


The art of the Side Hustle will expose you to lucrative ideas, how-to's, and financial cues into starting a business, a side hustle, or investing in yourself all 2021 and beyond.